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Masar Arabia, a division of Masar Al Mashreq Trading Company, is the leading supplier of industrial products in Saudi Arabia, specializing in FRP Gratings. With expertise in various disciplines including chemical supply, safety equipment, manufacturing, water treatment, and more, we provide top-quality solutions.

Our product range includes general construction materials, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation products, with a focus on durable and skid-resistant gratings for maximum safety. As trusted FRP fan manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, we ensure our products meet stringent quality standards to enhance industrial ventilation systems.

We are also renowned as safety equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia, offering a comprehensive range of safety gear to promote workplace safety. Additionally, as chemical suppliers in Saudi Arabia, we provide high-quality chemicals for various industrial applications.

Masar Arabia is committed to providing safe and secure services, guaranteeing high-quality products, excellent service, and timely delivery at competitive rates. As one of the premier suppliers of industrial products from renowned manufacturers, we contribute to improving the standard of living and participating in the global economy.

Partner with Masar Arabia for trusted industrial solutions that prioritize quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Whether you need water treatment solutions or reliable FRP fans, we have you covered.

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